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October 27, 2013

Nikki Benz Reaches Twitter Milestone, Expands Social Media Presence

Nikki Benz has reached a Twitter milestone that few other adult entertainers have been able to accomplish. Recently she surpassed the 500 thousand follower mark, proving just how large and strong the Benz Mafia have become. If you are not following the lady herself on Twitter you can by checking out her profile by clicking here.

Of course Twitter is not the only social media site where you can find Nikki Benz. Below you can find out about the numerous other places around the Internet you can follow the travels of one of the most popular adult entertainers. All accounts are run by the lady herself.

With 240 thousand likes and counting the official fan page of Nikki Benz features photos, links, and updates from set and her travels around the world.

The social celebrity magazine website features over 1500 celebrities. Check out her profile page for some biography information and hundreds of great photos. 

Nikki Benz consistently post superb photos and videos on the popular file sharing website so it is no surprise she has over 119,000 followers.

Videos posted by Nikki Benz have been viewed over 1.4 million times.

Nikki Benz can be found on the popular micro-blogging website posting some of her favorite photos. 

Some photos and posts of Nikki Benz can be found on her official Google+ profile.

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